What we do

Mass spec technology is our core competence.

This might be quantifying your substance in a complex matrix (e.g. plasma, urine, tissue) with extremely high sensitivity and selectivity. Our technology allows us to analyze Small Molecules and peptides up to ca. 15 kDa.

On the other hand we identify unknown peaks, such as metabolites, impurities, degradation products, side & by products and endogenous substances with our accurate mass system.

Very Frequently we get called into a project at early stage for investigational work, when it comes to first encounters with biological matrices. Often this leads to a bio-analytical feasibility study.

Individualization of medicine calls for biomarkers. Our research collaborations have proven that Small Molecules (and peptides) can be very effective markers. Several biomarkers showed up to 100% specificity and 100% sensitivity. This work resulted in patents and industrial licensing agreements.


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